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Wooden toothpicks available in single packs of 1,000 pieces

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Wooden toothpick
Wooden toothpicks are commonly used to remove food residue left between the teeth; Generally offered at the end of a meal, the pointed ends make cleaning easier. Also used in the kitchen to bring food to the mouth (placed on olives or cheese cubes - for example - served as an aperitif), it also allows you to prepare some dishes (such as rolls), fixing a dish after it has been been stuffed. Quantities: 1 Pack of 1,000 Pieces; Measure: Length: 6.5cm; Diameter: 2mm.

Product Features

Among the main features that distinguish these wooden toothpicks from the many others on the market, we find:
  • Material suitable for food contact;
  • Resistant to high temperatures;
  • Biodegradable and compostable;
  • Multiple usage functions;
  • Free of chemical treatments.

Scope of Use

Wooden toothpicks are commonly used to remove annoying food residues stuck between the teeth at the end of a meal; we can also rediscover their use in the food sector for the preparation of meat, fish, chicken rolls, etc. Thanks to their robustness and their comfortable tip placed on both ends, it is possible to use them quickly. They are also often used as a support to accompany appetizers during an aperitif; a classic example is that of olives. Wooden toothpicks are suitable for every form of catering but also in everyday life, accompanying your meals in multiple functions.

Why use our Wooden Sticks

Our toothpicks are made of very high quality wood, a very widespread material in this sector and increasingly associated with food use. These toothpicks are not painted with chemicals or enamels of various kinds, so the product remains unaltered and natural. Avoid wooden toothpicks that:
  • They are not very resistant;
  • They are not suitable for food use;
  • They are not made of quality material.
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