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Pyre.Plus Insecticide for Flies and Mosquitoes 250ml spray can

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Pyre.Plus Insecticide for Flies and Mosquitoes 250ml spray can. Availability of 1/3/6 pieces

PYRE.PLUS is an aerosol insecticide based on vegetable pyrethrum that is highly effective against flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes.

Pyrethrum-based insecticide for flies and mosquitoes

250 ml spray of insecticide for flies and mosquitoes based on vegetable Pyrethrum, not harmful to human health but very efficient against flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes, ideal during the summer season. The product contains 50% Pyrethrum extract with adjuvants, solvents and propellants permitted by current legislation.

The Pyrethrum-based insecticide is available in formats of:

  • 1 250 ml spray can;
  • 3 cans of 250 ml;
  • 6 cans of 250 ml.

Product features

  • TOP QUALITY : Thanks to our spray can insecticide you will be immediately protected from all flying insects, mosquitoes, flies etc. and you will avoid the annoying buzz of flying animals. Our insecticide spray, Made in Italy, has a strong knockdown action so as to act quickly and effectively.
  • LONG-LASTING WIDE RANGE : Thanks to its dosing valve, used with the appropriate automatic diffusers, it releases a minimum quantity of product which guarantees total and constant protection of the treated environments. By programming a spray with the appropriate dispenser every 15 minutes with a 24 hour function it lasts 4 weeks.
  • HOW TO USE - hold the can in a vertical position and press the button, directing the spray into the environment, away from people. For normal sized environments do not exceed 3-5 seconds. The spray can is also ideal against fleas and ticks, safeguarding your 4-legged friend.

Scope of use

The insecticide spray can is also ideal for keeping fleas and ticks away so as to protect your 4-legged friend.

Use the Pyrethrum-based insecticide in domestic and civil premises such as homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, schools, communities, canteens, laboratories, shops, warehouses, food industries, offices, barracks, animal shelters, stables, riding stables, vehicles transport, such as ships, trains, buses, campers, etc.

Why use Pyrethrum-based insecticide

The contents of the aerosol insecticide can, with a very high concentration of natural Pyrethrum, has a highly unpleasant action for flying and crawling insects of any type, especially flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and ants.

The repellent action is reinforced by Piperinol Buotoxide, whose active ingredient has a synergistic function with the other components, acting effectively and incisively against insects.

The ingredients of the insecticide spray can protect homes from invasions of all those insects that make the pleasure of being outdoors difficult.

The use of the insecticide can can be carried out with peace of mind as it does not contain substances harmful to air quality.

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