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Bio straws in black PLA - size. 210/8mm

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Bio straws in black PLA – size 210/8mm – Availability: 500/1000/5000 pieces.

Black straws, BIODEGRADABLE and disposable, are the classic straws used by bars, ideal for giving a touch of class to your cocktail.

Organic straws

The Straight Straws are made of the highest quality black PLA that is completely biodegradable and compostable.

Ideal for cold and hot drinks, they have an elegant and modern design and are available in packs of 500 straws .

Their dimensions are 21 centimeters in length and 8 mm in diameter .

Available in:


  • Black.
  • Amount:
    • Pack 1 of 500 pieces;
    • 2 packs of 500 pieces (1000 pieces);
    • Packs of 10 of 500 pieces (5000 pieces).

Product Features

Among the main features of this product, we find:

  • DISPOSABLE – Designed for single use;
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Biocompostable straws are environmentally friendly, made of PLA;
  • NON-DEFORMABLE AND RESISTANT - Compact and practical material that allows full use;
  • FOR FOOD USE - Made of certified food-grade material;
  • MEASUREMENTS – Length 21 cm and Diameter 6 mm;
  • PROFESSIONAL - The straws preferred by the best bartenders, elegant and comfortable, will not alter the flavor or aesthetics of their cocktails;
  • CREATIVE USE - In addition to food use, straws are often used in the DIY sector to create real works of art.

Scope of Use

PLA straws, thanks to their notable robustness characteristics, are an excellent solution for both hot and cold drinks such as take-away cappuccinos, tea, granitas etc.

Therefore, they are excellent for situations in which this disposable product can be really useful such as on the occasion of a picnic, a trip to the mountains, a trip to the seaside or even at outdoor parties.

The modern design of these straws makes them ideal for multiple uses, thus giving a festive touch to the environment in which you want to adapt them. In addition to home use, these comfortable colored straws can also be used in bars and pubs, to serve refreshing drinks or delicious fruity cocktails.

Very often these straws are also used in nightclubs where, thanks to the modern design given by the shiny black colour, they are used to serve splendid cocktails.

Why use Biodegradable Straws

The Bio Straws are made in Italy with the highest quality PLA which makes them 100% Biodegradable and Compostable.

As already mentioned, these straws are made of PLA: A polymer derived from plants such as corn, wheat or beetroot, rich in natural sugar which, through some particular processes, becomes suitable for molds and then becomes disposable tableware that does not pollute.

Obviously these straws are compliant for food use and therefore their use does not pose risks to your health . Once used, these straws can be easily thrown into the waste collection.

Avoid PLA straws that:

  • They release unpleasant odors on food;
  • They are not compliant for food use;
  • They are not made of durable, good quality materials.
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