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White Cups in Biodegradable Cardboard 420ml

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White Cups in Biodegradable Cardboard 420ml – Availability: from 50/500/1000 Pieces

You can use the glasses to drink hot drinks without burning your hands, therefore suitable for enjoying a long hot coffee, barley or tea, in the same way you can use them to contain cold or room temperature drinks. Therefore, excellent for enjoying your drinks at home alone or in company. Replacing the takeaway glasses in your bar with these in cardboard will be a success; customers will understand how much your business cares about nature.

420ml "MEGA" Biodegradable Paper Cups

The 420ml disposable white paper cups are made of high quality pure cellulose cardboard hot-coupled with a PLA film, suitable for hot but also cold drinks.

The glass is made with 100% biodegradable materials, safeguarding the environment. The packs consist of 50 pieces each.


  • 50 glasses (1 pack of 50 pieces);
  • 500 glasses (10 packs of 50 pieces);
  • 1000 glasses (20 packs of 50 pieces).

Product Features

Among the main features of this product, we find:

  • TOP QUALITY – the glass is made of cardboard whose compactness and weight allow the drink to maintain a constant temperature, resisting a temperature of 70° for up to 2 hours. Do not place the glass in the micron or use it for alcoholic drinks;
  • NON-DEFORMABLE and RESISTANT - the material of the glass is resistant and non-deformable so as to avoid unpleasant situations during use. They are white in color without graphics, making them elegant and colorful to differentiate you from the classic white glass;
  • FOR FOOD USE - our glasses are suitable for contact with food to protect your health and that of your customers. The product complies with Ministerial Decree 03/21/73 and complies with EC regulation 1935/2004 and subsequent updates;
  • BIODEGRADABLE - our glasses are made of compact and practical cellulose material which allows their full use. The product is 100% biodegradable, protecting and safeguarding the environment and the nature that surrounds you;
  • DESIGN AND PRACTICALITY - white in colour, they are very elegant making the product ideal for both home use and professional use in your business. Practical and comfortable, ideal for drinking water, long coffee, cappuccino.

Why use Cardboard Cups

The Biodegradable Cardboard Cups are made with the highest quality materials, 100% biodegradable. The glasses are compliant for food use and therefore their use does not pose risks to your health.

Thanks to the material they are made of, with these glasses you will avoid burning your hands and preventing the contents from cooling down too quickly.

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